Technology is changing the methodology of practically every industry in existence, and that is especially true family law. There are plenty of apps and software platforms that can be adapted to the needs of family lawyers, and the result is a more efficient office that allows you to spend more time focusing directly on the needs of your clients.

Here are some of the best solutions for firms of any size.

1. Clio

Clio is a lawyer’s best friend. This all in one cloud solution is like the nerve center for a law firm, allowing you to track everything from case management and deadlines to payments and bills. This cloud-based solution can serve as the bedrock for your firm’s app ecosystem, and it integrates smoothly with a number of other important software platforms.

2. Zapier

While every client is different, most lawyers understand that there are multiple tasks that they have to do over and over again. Automation can help you save time and reduce the mundane busy work of your day to day activities, and Zapier is one of the best automation tools on the market. It also coordinates between various professional platforms, so you can use Zapier to automatically transform notes from Evernote actionable materials on Clio.

3. Xero

Firms have long used accounting software like QuickBooks to help manage their finances, but there a number of promising accounting solutions have come to the market in the past few years. If you haven’t evaluated your accounting software recently, it may be time to see what you’re missing. Xero is especially useful to lawyers because it integrates directly with Clio, and it offers a whole wealth of accounting tools at a modest price.

4. Access Family Law

While a number of the apps here are more general use tools that adapt well to a firm, Access Family Law is built exactly with the needs of family lawyers in mind. Access Family Law automates the easier aspects of family law like providing users with customized divorced documents, providing your clients with greater access to service while decreasing your unnecessary workload.

5. FairSplit

Getting both parties on the same page during divorce proceedings can be difficult, but FairSplit can at least help with the assets. This software lets each party assign emotional and financial value to their shared assets. While it likely won’t replace the need for negotiations entirely, it can create a great starting point for the divorce bargaining process.